Bot Handy .. a drink robot from Samsung
Bot Handy .. a drink robot from Samsung

Samsung is developing a robot called Bot Handy that can pick up clothes, prepare dishwashers, set tables and even bring drinks for you.

The robot is said to be under development, and Samsung said the Handy robot can detect objects using cameras and artificial intelligence.

`` The purpose of the robot is to expand your body into the kitchen, the living room, and other places that might force you to do more, '' Sebastian Seung, president of Samsung Research Institute, said at the company's press conference at CES.

It's unclear how close Bot Handy is to the actual product for sale, and the company has not disclosed the price or release date.

The company has already used CES to showcase future robots, which are more concepts than actual products.

In its current form, the Bot Handy is a tall, slender, black and white robot with large digital eyes that can change expression while in motion.

The arm of a single robot can rotate around three points - the shoulders, elbows, and wrists, with two clasp-like hands on the extremities.

The robot's torso and hands are equipped with cameras that can detect objects. The robot can move in space by rolling the base, turning it left and right, then lifting it to reach larger objects.

Samsung said: Robots can evaluate the materials from which different things are made in order to keep them with reasonable strength, and they must also be able to handle objects of different sizes, weights and shapes.

In addition to Bot Handy, Samsung has also launched an updated version of Bot Care, the company's first automated assistant launched in 2019.

The robot should act as a personal assistant to remind you to take a break from work or an upcoming meeting.

Samsung also said that the bot will automatically unlock the screen so its owner can join the next video call.

In terms of actual products, Samsung will ship a robot this year, the JetBot 90 AI + cleaning robot with LIDAR sensors, 3D sensors, and artificial intelligence that helps better detect objects and avoid obstacles.

Samsung said: The JetBot 90+ AI robot is smart enough to handle the indestructible and stay away from the indestructible.

JetBot 90 + AI has a standard built-in camera that you can use to check your pets while you are away. Shipping is expected in the first half of 2021.

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