Facebook's censorship board asks for your opinion on Trump's ban
Facebook's censorship board asks for your opinion on Trump's ban

The Facebook Review Board is an independent agency with the authority to review more complex supervisory decisions across the social network. He accepts the open public ban imposed by the former head of the company (Donald Trump) in the wake of the January 6 attack on the US Capitol Building. Comment decision.

The controversial first article contained a one-minute video. Trump repeatedly posted false claims on his account on January 6, claiming the US election was stolen, and offering his views on Congressional rioters. Some of them continued to endanger the lives of members of Congress and the police. The Capitol is in danger.

The second article in question contained a statement from Trump stating: This happened when the electoral victory was robbed by a landslide informally and cruelly against the great patriot who had long since been treated poorly and unfairly. Things and events. Come home with love and peace and always remember this day.

Facebook removed the videos and posts, then banned Trump from using its platform for 24 hours, then said the ban would go into effect indefinitely. While the Trump site is still there, it has been banned from using it since January 6th. Content.

Facebook submitted its decision to the review board last week on the grounds that the administration had to take unprecedented action in the wake of the Trump riots that killed five people, including the police.

The Supervisory Committee was established last year and is made up of 20 experts with different backgrounds and professional diversity from all over the world. A decision is expected by the end of next month.

The committee resumed the first cases last month, but earlier this week announced the first rulings in five cases, supporting the withdrawal of one and the filing of four cases.

Regarding the Trump ban, Facebook Vice President for International Affairs and Communications Nick Clegg said: We believe our decision is necessary and correct, and given its importance, we believe the oversight board will review it and make it independent. Judgment is very important. Should it be done.

Facebook is investigating whether the correct move was taken to block Trump's move and under what conditions similar measures should be taken against future political leaders.

The watchdog also hopes the public will come to comment on whether Facebook's decision is in line with the company's responsibility to respect freedom of expression and human rights and what to do if similar action is taken in the future.

It also asks for comments about how the company views the environment related to implementing community standards outside of Facebook, especially when there is a risk of violence in the real world, and whether this helps with suspension and ban rules as well as compliance with legal means.

The Board of Directors is also requesting comments on precautionary measures to ensure that Facebook's rules are implemented globally.

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