The Model S automatically switches between stop reverse and drive
The Model S automatically switches between stop reverse and drive

Tesla's modified Model S has funky functions that can be used to automatically switch between corner, reverse and drive or PRND. Driving mode can be changed via the touch screen.

"The vehicle assumptions are based on the obstacles you see, the context and the navigation map to lead the direction," Musk said on Twitter. After driving for a few days without a PRND joystick, turn around and you'll be very uncomfortable. With AirPlay, you can bypass them using the touch screen.

Tesla's internal documents slightly expanded the meaning of Musk's guesses: He said: The Model S uses autopilot sensors to intelligently detect and recognize expected driving patterns.

She added: If the front of the car is facing a garage wall, it will recognize it and automatically shift to the rear after the driver presses the brake pedal, providing another step.

The general idea behind the decision is in line with Tesla's artistic spirit of avoiding unnecessary additional steps.

By the time people start getting loads of this new vehicle, the consequences of trying to automate PRND aren't clear, and they should be in a few weeks.

With the advent of automatic transmission and the ability to change modes through software, automakers have been tampering with the shape and location of the driving mode specific for years.

Many companies are ditching the classic steering wheel grip and using the knob via the dashboard, center console, or separate physical buttons.

Other companies tried to mix hardware and software, but failed because Fiat Chrysler had to recall over a million Jeeps, Dodge, and Chrysler cars because the front (including the arm and button that always pops in the middle) created enough confusion that cars overlooked.

The removal of the PRND rod that appeared on the Model S is part of a more comprehensive internal change, but that's not the only reason for controversy over safety.

Tesla ditched the round steering wheel in favor of U-shaped wheels The move attracted the attention of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.

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