Kautelia Kataria ... the world's youngest AI programmer
Kautelia Kataria ... the world's youngest AI programmer

Most 6-year-olds are more interested in games than coding lessons, but British computer scientist Kotelia Qatari is not. He eventually became the world's youngest qualified computer programmer, and only six years later. A number of computer scientists also attended. Classes.

IBM said: (Kautilya Katariya) recently set a Guinness World Records record in 6 years and 346 days which made him the youngest Python programmer, and IBM's development skills network made it possible.

Kotilia, Qatar, is now seven years old. After receiving four professional certifications from IBM for Python, AI and even setting a new record in the Guinness Book of Records, he is considered the youngest computer programmer in the world.

IBM wasn't kidding: Developers of all ages can obtain many new technologies, including artificial intelligence and cloud intelligence, for free through the IBM Developer Skills Network (a free educational platform to deliver courses to Coursera and other areas). Site, online education.

Qatari Kotelia currently holds at least six different certifications in Artificial Intelligence and Data Science. IBM said: Before Kataria reached the world record, she began reading IBM study materials to help him understand computer programming and Python concepts.

Given the impact of the Coronavirus and the need to stay home, attending classes is one way Kataria can spend time learning new skills with the support of her parents. IBM's courses helped him understand complex computer concepts, programming and machine learning. And artificial intelligence.

Kataria is focusing on Python because it has discovered that it is the best AI and machine learning programming language at the moment. Mastering Python takes about six to seven months.

Kataria completed all five IBM Python and AI certifications in November 2020 and completed the IBM AI Foundation certification for EdX and IBM Cognitive Class Python Data Science courses.

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