Vivaldi Browser makes it easy to manage multiple tabs
Vivaldi Browser makes it easy to manage multiple tabs

Vivaldi Technologies released version 3.6 of the Vivaldi web browser, which includes a single way to manage a large number of tabs, with the browser adding a second set of tabs called the two-level tab set.

Vivaldi Browser first tried this feature in December 2020. Now you can officially dive into a two-tiered tab set.

Es ist einfach, gruppierte Registerkarten mit zwei Ebenen zu erstellen, indem Sie beispielsweise die Befehls-oder Steuertaste gedrückt halten, die Registerkarten auswählen, die in die Gruppe aufgenommen werten sollen, dannue im der Gaste " Select - to specify.

You can also get the same effect by dragging one tab over another and then clicking on the newly created set of tabs. The second row of tabs will appear.

You can also right-click to rename and close a group of tabs at once using the dropdown menu.

Although you can have multiple browser-based projects at the same time with two levels of tabs, each group can function as a visually separate workspace.

This could be a way to group tabs into a window while keeping the tabs in order and avoid losing pages if needed, or it could be another way to save more tabs.

Vivaldi Navigator also lets you place stickers on the sides and bottom of the browser window. The new dual-layer marking function can also be used in these directions.

Since its inception, Vivaldi browser based on Chromium has been targeting business users as it is highly customizable, rich in features, and offers good data protection.

The browser launched as a set of tabs in 2016, and Google Chrome wasn't introduced until 2020.

And if you like tree tabs that can branch and nest into other tabs, Vivaldi has this feature as well.

If you don't want to use a two-tier tab set, you can still use a zip set to free up screen space. However, you need to hover over the group to check the tabs.

Vivaldi co-founder and CEO John von Titchner wrote: Six years ago we first publicly introduced the browser to desktop and laptop computers and introduced the functionality of bundling and tag management. Today we're going to introduce this tab at the next level.

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