StarTech HPE JD119B Transceiver Compatible SFP Module
StarTech HPE JD119B Transceiver Compatible SFP Module

Compatible with Standard StarTech HPE Standard SFP JD119B-1000BASE-LX-1GbE Transceiver Single-Mode Optical Fiber Transceiver (SMF) -1 GHz Gigabit Ethernet SFP-LC 10 km-1310 nm-DDM HPE 5900, 12500, 5500 ( JD119BST)

Add reliable and affordable Gigabit Ethernet to your single-mode fiber connection with the SFP-HP Gigabit Fiber SFP-SFP Module developed by to give you the network connection feature you need most - reliable performance. This high quality optical fiber transceiver is meticulously engineered and fully tested to ensure optimum performance. Can be installed in HP network equipment that supports HP JD119B transceivers and other leading brands of network equipment. The 1000Base-LX SFP transceiver provides gigabit communications over single-mode optical fiber cables with a range of up to 10 km. It is a reliable and affordable way to add, replace or upgrade ports on network devices and comes with a lifetime warranty. Developed by, the single-mode SFP transceiver can meet or exceed OEM specifications and meet the industry standard MSA (Multiple Source Agreement). meets the highest quality standards and offers a variety of networking products, including copper cables, fiber network cards, fiber media adapters, Ethernet switches, and wireless products. Fully compatible with HP and other major brands, SM Gigabit SFP is manufactured to the highest quality standards and is 100% compatible with HP (equivalent to HP JD119B SFP Transceiver). SFP transceivers are fully configured and tested to ensure seamless interoperability with HP or other leading brands of network equipment. Rest assured that using SFP products will not affect the warranty protection of any network device. This fiber optic transceiver provides convenience and scalability, is practical and extensible. Fully plugged in so you can set it up without disrupting network traffic or restarting the device. It provides an inexpensive and comprehensive solution that is compatible with multiple gigabit network devices. SFP is very suitable for use in switches, routers, and other network devices. It provides reliable performance and allows you to extend the network to remote services at low cost. SFP supports single-mode fiber optic cables with a maximum distance of 10 km or a maximum data rate of 1.25 Gb / s, and GbE SFP fiber supports digital diagnostic monitoring (DDM / DOM). Count on JD119BST for reliable performance, with a lifetime warranty and free lifetime technical support. .

  •  100% HPE JD119B compatible with SFP TRANSCEIVER: For use with HPE switches (such as 5900, 12500, 5500, 5820, 5120, etc.).
  • Technical data: 1000BASE-LX | 1 Gbit / s | Single Mode (SMF) | LC Connector | 1310 nm | Digital Diagnostic Monitor (DDM) | Up to 10 km
  • OEM Host Compliance Tested: Hot Swap in HPE Switches and Routers; DDM supports sending and receiving state connections with most SNMP network management tools
  • STARTECH.COM Supported Lifecycle: The lifecycle supported by is based on the lifetime of the device itself, not the life of the key. Our machines will not invalidate your OEM warranty or 24/7 technical support
  • Use with MSA Compatible Switches: These models are also used with switch models from Ubiquiti, D-Link, Netgear, Supermicro, TP-Link, etc. and accept unencrypted modules

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