Samsung is preparing to launch MicroLED TV
Samsung is preparing to launch MicroLED TV

Although LG and Sony use OLED screens for high-end TVs, Samsung introduced another display technology called MicroLED, which relies on small self-illuminating LEDs to achieve the same deep blacks and high contrast as OLED, but with brightness and burning potential. Free.

After making its debut in the The Wall series, the company is gearing up to ship MicroLED TVs to the public at CES, starting with the previously announced 110-inch model, followed by the 88-inch and 99-inch models.

These new MicroLED TVs are still huge, but they're more accessible from retailers and buyers.

Unlike Wall Series products, Wall Series products require professional setup and potential business days to connect to a standard MicroLED panel. So you can choose one from the store and install it on. You don't need to customize the installer to get help.

This TV is clearly not intended for ordinary consumers, especially when you consider the potential cost of a 146-inch TV of $ 300,000.

With these MicroLED TVs, Samsung has taken a more popular approach: the thin panel must be pre-assembled. All you have to do is use the provided integrated button to remove the screen from the packaging and assemble it. On the wall.

These TVs must be fixed to the wall. However, you can purchase a separate holder to install it if you wish.

Although pre-configured, MicroLED panels can still come out of alignment over time, and you should be able to adjust them with a screwdriver if needed.

Samsung says these combos work better compared to the old version of The Wall.

As you'd expect, these are 4K displays that support HDR10 and Dolby Vision. Because the panel itself is thin and slim, like many of Samsung's recent high-end products, MicroLED TVs rely on external boxes to communicate.

The company has not confirmed whether it supports HDMI 2.1 or 120Hz refresh rate. There is also no information about response time or support for variable refresh rate.

Samsung's multi-display mode allows you to display up to four elements simultaneously in a MicroLED array and convert a 110-inch screen into four 55-inch panels.

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