The Frame TV rotates between portrait and landscape modes
The Frame TV rotates between portrait and landscape modes

With The Frame, Samsung has created a unique niche market. TV is more like an art niche than a consumer electronics product.

You can even purchase high-quality graphics that can be watched when the TV is not in use.

Samsung is improving its TV product line with a new design that reflects the changing interests and preferences of consumers.

The 2021 release builds on the Frame's innovative tradition and offers a more customizable experience with a smaller size.

This year, Samsung is working hard to make The Frame more authentic as the new 43-inch model can switch between portrait and landscape orientation.

If that sounds familiar, it's because Samsung introduced the same feature to its Sero TV in 2019.

While it is not clear whether the group will succeed against Samsung, it makes sense for the company to achieve the spin advantage for the popular Frame series.

The function of switching between portrait and landscape is the sophisticated technical concept that Samsung has been looking for. This feature is useful for customers who want to display graphics in portrait orientation.

As for the other upgrades, Samsung said: The new Frame TV model is thinner than ever at 24.9mm thick.

The company has also improved its AI tech recommendations through its Tech Store, adding more bezel-less options, giving you more options to make your TV look more stylish.

By ordering the new art store, consumers can enjoy more than 1,400 selected items.

Samsung's new AI-based autofocus technology can better analyze individual consumer preferences in order to recommend technical work.

Since its launch in 2017, Frame has redefined television, turning screen into a stunning work of art, and has sold over a million units.

Samsung doesn't seem ready to talk about the price or availability of the new Frame series, but we might discover more about it this spring.

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