Samsung reviews C-Lab projects at CES
Samsung reviews C-Lab projects at CES

Samsung announced that it will showcase the C-Lab project and experiences from January 11-14 at CES 2021. This year it reflects the reality of staying home due to the outbreak.

Samsung launched four ongoing projects under the C-Lab Inside program, and 17 startups participated in activities supported by the Samsung C-Lab Outside Startup Acceleration.

Launched in 2012, the C-Lab Inside program consists of four projects that offer consumers a unique lifestyle. The program is an internship incubation program designed to encourage and promote innovative ideas for Samsung employees.

This year's C-Lab Inside project focuses on personalized products and services that respond to different lifestyles.

Projects within C-Lab:

  •     EZCal: a mobile application that can automatically calibrate the TV picture quality.
  •     Airbag: A portable oxygen storage device that can be worn on the face like a mask.
  •     Scanning and diving: IoT devices are used to classify tissues and recommend best care.
  •     Food & Sommelier: An AI service to find the best food.

Samsung founded C-Lab Outside in October 2018 to revitalize the startup ecosystem in Korea.

Startups that participate in the C-Lab Outside program benefit from a desk workstation, expert advice from Samsung employees, opportunities to participate in global IT trade fairs, investor relations, and financial support.

C-Lab external projects:

  •     Medipresso: a health solution with recommendations for a health check.
  •     Deep Learning Source: The New Safe Deep Learning with Anonymous Artificial Intelligence.
  •     Dabeeo: indoor positioning technology based on computer vision.
  •     Bitbyte: a keyboard theme service that contains characters that interact with text input.
  •     Classum: an interactive learning platform with communication and management tools.
  •     Flexcil: a digital note service that enables easy editing of PDF files using pen gestures.
  •     Catch up: a language learning platform with different stimuli.
  •     42Maru: A platform for machine reading comprehension, and answering questions based on natural language comprehension.
  •     Flux Planet: Use 3D scanning to create realistic avatars.
  •     Thingsflow: A Conversation Robot for Alarm Psychiatric Care.
  •     Counter Culture: K-Pop online training service.
  •     Salin: Collaborative online learning platform based on 5G and XR.
  •     Lillycover: a small production facility for body cosmetics.
  •     SIDHub: an air purification and disinfection device that can reduce viruses and ultra-fine dust.
  •     Hip Technology: The Kiko Baby Growth Management device that intelligently measures height and weight.
  •     WATA: Use smartphone sensors for high-precision positioning services.
  •     Designovel: Fashion design with AI images.

Given the limited options for startups to attend industry trade fairs face-to-face during the 2020 pandemic, Samsung is actively helping startups attend this year's CES to attract potential investors and buyers.

Samsung-sponsored local startups, the Daegu Center for Creative Industries and Innovation, and the Kyungpook Center for Creative Industries and Innovation are participating in CES for the first time this year.

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