Slack starts 2021 with a major service outage
Slack starts 2021 with a major service outage

Slack's business communications platform failed its first full business day in 2021. The company announced Monday that customers may not be able to download channels or log into the platform at this time.

She added: Our team is investigating the matter and we will bring you more information as soon as possible. We apologize for anything inappropriate.

The disruption affects websites and smartphone applications, as well as users' ability to send and receive messages.

Users reported the issue around 7:00 PM local time, and the company released the first update for this issue at 7:14 PM local time.

The platform initially reported problems connecting to the service and messaging. According to the status page, the service was completely disrupted at 7:20 PM.

This page makes it clear that not all aspects of Slack (including login, messages, calls, and logins) are unavailable.

The Slack platform has become a critical part of the many companies switching from physical to virtual offices during the Coronavirus pandemic.

The company said: The platform currently has about 10 million daily users and they rely on the platform to run their business.

However, the thousands of people who return to work until Monday after a long vacation cannot use the service or send and receive messages.

The messages appear to have been sent, but they are greyed out in the chat and after a short time a notification appears that the message cannot be sent.

DownDetector stated that the biggest issue was logging into the Slack platform and sending messages.

Major cities in the US such as New York, Chicago, and Boston are shown in red on the DownDetector Map, which means they are included in the Outage.

Reports from the UK, China, and other countries / regions have also shown that Slack is not performing well, and some users have come to Twitter to share their thoughts on Slack being the error. Stream.

According to reports, this is the second outage of the Slack platform in a matter of months, as the platform encountered an issue in October that prevented users around the world from sending or receiving messages. Messages.

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