WhatsApp has generated 1.4 billion call records
WhatsApp has generated 1.4 billion call records

WhatsApp set a record on New Year's Eve because people want to stay in touch despite social distancing.

On the last day of 2020, users made more than 1.4 billion voice and video calls, more than any other day in history, the company said.

According to Facebook, WhatsApp call volume increased by 50% compared to New Year's Eve last year.

Messenger is also a record high, as New Year's Eve is the most important day in US history for videoconferencing by the platform and the number of conference calls per day is nearly double. today.

Facebook also said: Fireworks 2020 is the most popular augmented reality effect on big nights in the US, and people celebrate the app's effect.

Additionally, 55 million live broadcasts were announced on Facebook and Instagram on New Year's Eve.

Developers, including Facebook, have been quick to respond to social distancing as online chatting and app access have become the primary means of working and celebrating events.

The company noted that with the exception of New Year's Eve, all apps (Facebook, Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram) increased in video chatting throughout the year.

Facebook said the end of this year was one of its busiest days, but the steep rise is not comparable to the competition at the start of the global lockdown.

Caitlin Banford, artistic director of Facebook, said in a statement: “On New Year’s Eve before the coronavirus pandemic, Facebook had the greatest impact on news, photo uploads and social engagement in the world at midnight.

However, in March 2020, the early stages of the epidemic caused an increase in traffic that would overwhelm everything that happened on New Year's Eve, and this lasted for several months.

Facebook said: We need to make unprecedented improvements in efficiency and strengthen the infrastructure to keep up with the growth of various applications during the pandemic, and the team must be ready on New Year's Eve as well.

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