Twitter integrates newsletters on its platform
Twitter integrates newsletters on its platform

Twitter announced the acquisition of the Revue newsletter a few days ago, but the company has started integrating the product on

It looks like newsletters will soon be the final feature of the Twitter page navigation, along with bookmarks, Moments, Twitter announcements, and other options.

The company is also developing a way to promote new products to Twitter users and promises to give them another way to reach the audience while getting paid.

Other engineers (Jin Manchun Wong) uncovered the discovery and visited to see what the company could expect after its recent acquisition.

Based on the promotional popup that was in development, Wong determined that Twitter is about to offer several benefits of Revue, such as: for example: creating and scheduling newsletters, embedding tweets, importing email lists, analyzing posts, and being able to make money with subscribers. Paid. .

The ad posts are clearly in the early stages of testing, but they point to Twitter's broader plan to link Revue to its platform so that high-profile users can make money from it.

Currently, the "More Information" button in the popup directs Twitter users to the review site.

According to Wong, Twitter is also using newsletters as a new navigation option in the Twitter sidebar menu.

The new navigation options will not appear in the top menu. There you can find options like browsing, notifications, messages or bookmarks today. However, they are displayed in a submenu and you can access more content from the three-dot menu. abbreviation.

Close integration between Revue and the company's main Twitter platform could give the company a competitive edge in the newsletter market, especially since Twitter indicated that its new audio product Twitter Spaces will also be used to communicate with newsletter subscribers.

This could mean that not only can Twitter users use the new Twitter product to post newsletters, but they can also use existing subscriber groups to take advantage of finding new readers via the built-in Twitter functionality and then continue to use fans by attracting voice chat. On Twitter.

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