Google introduces tab groups in Chrome
Google introduces tab groups in Chrome

Google has updated its Chrome web browser app for Android with a new user interface and introduced a new tab set feature that helps organize open web pages.

In September 2019, Google announced that it had added a convenient way to organize your open tabs.

A year later, the Tab Group feature was fully launched on desktop devices and is now able to access Chrome for Android via a new web design.

The new UI and feature is said to have appeared for some users after the release of Chrome 88 last month, but it seems that not everyone can use it.

The new grid layout replaces the vertically arranged lists of cards that extend nearly the width of the entire screen, as in the current UI for iOS tabs in Chrome.

Now the size of each tab is greatly reduced, but you can see more pages without other cards blocking you.

As before, the "Favorite Icon", "Page Name" and "Close" buttons are displayed. You can swipe left or right at any time to dismiss it.

Most phones display about six tabs on the screen at a time. Because of this layout, private browsing sites will no longer appear next to the regular tab list.

You can also access the Incognito tab from the small icon at the top of the screen.

Tag Group also gives you a new shortcut that allows you to switch between tags in the same group using the menu at the bottom of the app.

On Android, you can split tabs into groups by dragging them together.

There are also options for configuring tab groups in the full menu, as well as a context menu that opens when you long press to open a new tab.

Although there were reports of these features appearing last week, it doesn't seem like all Chrome users can use them.

You can activate it manually from the Chrome beta tab by going to chrome: // logo in the address bar and looking for options for "Tab Grid Layout", "Tab Group", "Tab Group Continuation" and "Optimization" for the Tab Group UI.

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