Vidiyo .. Lego's augmented reality social video service
Vidiyo .. Lego's augmented reality social video service

Lego has launched a new augmented reality social video service called Vidiyo that allows users to create and share music and dance videos with friends while applying their effects and patterns to the video.

The service looks very similar to TikTok, but it targets kids ages 7-10 with built-in strict supervision and Lego blocks.

The game company is working with UMG so you can choose from a variety of licensed songs from real collections.

Vidiyo selects a song from several UMG artists in the app. You can then use a new set of Lego minifigure characters to create your own set, which can be customized thanks to the ratio of reality technology included in the app.

You can also use BeatBits to add special effects. BeatBits is a new LEGO block that adds various digital augmented reality effects to the app while it's scanning.

Click on the BeatBits in the app to play dance moves, audio and video effects for 60 seconds, which can be reduced to 5, 10, 15 or 20 seconds shareable clips.

The clip can then be uploaded to the app feed once the content is approved.

“These clips were revised before they are released and any content that includes the child's face, credentials, or unwanted element will be blocked,” Lego said.

Lego hopes that one of Vidiyo's main features will be content verification. All content uploaded through the app must pass the test first. Content containing personally identifiable information such as real people cannot be uploaded to the video.

Lego Vidiyo is touted as a whole new way of play that helps children fulfill their dreams by using pieces from all over the world to direct, produce, perform and share their music videos.

Lego hasn't released much information about Vidiyo, including the set's price, but the company promised to have more information before the world's first Lego Vidiyo product launched in March.

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