ZenBeam Latte ... a portable coffee cup size projector
ZenBeam Latte ... a portable coffee cup size projector

Asus launched the ZenBeam Latte Wireless Portable Display, taking its name from its compact size, about the size of a cup of coffee.

There are many home projectors, but they are big, and ASUS hopes to bring smaller products for home users to make the device suitable for use in various places such as hotels and campgrounds.

The projector is portable, which is confirmed by the compact speaker and size. The device can output 720p resolution and deliver up to 300 nits of brightness via LED lights.

It has a built-in Harman Kardon 10W speaker system and the cloth look improves sound transmission when used as a Bluetooth speaker.

The projector has three modes: Game, Movie, and Music. Users can use the device to stream content, but they must download apps through Aptoide TV, a free app store for Android entertainment devices.

You can wirelessly mirror your phone screen to play social videos. However, Asus insists that the display looks like a cup of coffee and that the first screen has a canvas image, which is a mistake.

The company claims that the device can display 3 hours of movies (12 hours of audio) on a 6000 mAh battery and the lighting is bright enough to create a good size screen.

Asus stated that the device can output a 40-inch image 1 meter from the wall, an 80-inch image 2 meters from the wall, and a 120-inch image 3 meters from the wall.

The company said: The ZenBeam Latte Wireless Portable Screen will arrive in the US market in the second quarter of this year, but the pricing information is not available.

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