Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects
Adobe makes it easy to share Photoshop projects

With Adobe, multiple people can easily work on the same file in Photoshop, Illustrator or Fresco.

All three apps contain a new feature called "contact modification" that allows you to enter employee email addresses to give them access to the file you're working on.

The agent cannot edit the file directly next to you, but they can open your work and make their own changes, then save and sync those changes back to your device.

If someone changes the file themselves, the new user might have the option to copy the current editor or wait for it to complete.

Although this feature is not a Photoshop-style editing feature in Google Docs, it is a lot easier than emailing files back and forth.

This feature applies to PSD files. There's also AI. Save to Adobe Cloud, also can be used in Adobe XD and support version history. So if an employee destroys the content, you can cancel the process.

According to Adobe, this is an essential tool for teams working on common projects to save a lot of time. We also added the new pre-defined sync feature to Photoshop.

Wherever you use Photoshop, you can sync previous Photoshop settings, including brushes, swatches, gradients, patterns, and shapes.

Preset Sync will soon be available on the desktop version of Windows and Mac, and Sync Brush will soon be available on the iPad version.

Adobe announced that the feature will work in October. The company is regularly building more collaboration features on Creative Cloud (a service that bundles its suite of applications) in the hope that the platform will be fast enough, simple, and reliable. The team can count on their mobile documents.

Adobe recently updated a related feature that allows documents to be sent to others for review.

You can download Photoshop and Illustrator from the Adobe website. The program starts at $ 20.99 per month, while Adobe Creative Suite starts at $ 52.99.

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