MetaHuman allows you to create realistic faces in the browser
MetaHuman allows you to create realistic faces in the browser

Epic Games announced a new MetaHuman browser-based software tool powered by Unreal Engine that can be used to create ultra-realistic faces and enhance realistic human movements and facial animations.

Epic Games reviewed some videos on the platform today. These videos show examples of a build created with MetaHuman.

Metahuman appears to be the term the company uses to describe the branding of a hypothetical, non-real individual.

According to Epic Games, MetaHuman can be combined with the latest motion capture and animation technologies to create realistic action scenes and human-computer interactions for video games, movies, television, and other formats.

She added: Metahuman can finish production in minutes and comes with unique hairstyles and clothing that can be customized to suit production needs.

The superhero can be edited in real time in the tool itself and only with a web browser.

One of the hardest things to do in creating 3D content is capturing digital people, Vladimir Mastilovich, vice president of digital people technology at Epic Games, said in a statement. Just one character.

“After decades of research and development with the introduction of companies like 3Lateral, Cubic Motion and Quixel into the Epic Games franchise, Unreal Engine has removed this barrier and we are very excited to bring MetaHuman to the market.

The human created with the new Epic Games tool doesn't come much close to the digital image realism of the Confrontation Network Generation model, an AI technology that supports projects like the absence of such a person.

As a tool for creating videogame characters, MetaHuman can clearly shock some people.

It is not clear when Epic Games will launch MetaHuman, but interested developers and artists can sign up for updates through the Unreal Engine website.

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