Apple offers free repairs for Apple Watch devices
Apple offers free repairs for Apple Watch devices

Apple released watchOS 7.3.1 for the Apple Watch Series 5 and SE. Patch notes indicate that the update includes a fix that prevents bugs that cause smartwatch models to close in power reserve mode. Energy saving energy.

Apple has released a new support document to add more detailed information about this error to watchOS 7.3.1.

In power backup mode, you can check time on Apple Watch and extend battery life at the same time. However, Apple Watch and iPhone cannot call in power backup or access other watch functions.

Apple says in its new support document that a very small number of 5 Series or SE smartwatch customers will run into problems if their watches fail to charge after switching to power backup mode.

Apple has stated that watchOS 7.3.1 released may prevent this issue from appearing on other Series 5 or SE devices.

This means that the update cannot fix the problem for users who already encountered the problem, but it should prevent other users from getting the update.

Very few watchOS 7.2, watchOS 7.3 Series 5, or SE customers experience the issue of the watch not being able to charge after it enters its power reserve.

To check if your Apple Watch is affected, place the watch on the charger you usually use and wait at least 30 minutes.

If your watch has this problem, Apple says: Contact tech support for a free repair method. The company states that before the repair, your watch was checked to see if it could be repaired for free.

WatchOS 7.3.1 is a small update to watchOS 7 released in September, while watchOS 7.3.1 was released two weeks after the release of watchOS 7.3.

You can download the WatchOS 7.3.1 update for free from the dedicated Apple Watch app on iPhone via the General option and then select Software update.

To install new software, your Apple Smart Watch must have at least 50% battery, be on charger and be within range of iPhone.

The new update only applies to 5 Series and SE devices, so the update does not apply to other smartwatch models.

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