Fake Amazon reviews are wholesale online
Fake Amazon reviews are wholesale online

According to the UK Consumer Protection Organization, fake reviews of products sold on the Amazon online marketplace are wholesale.

Consumer organizations in the UK found 10 websites selling fake reviews for £ 5 each, resulting in positive reviews for paid or free products.

The company said it was facing an uphill battle with the large-scale fake reviews industry, and an Amazon spokesperson said we will remove fake comments and take action against anyone involved in the abuse.

The Mass Retail Marketplace allows other retailers to sell their products through Amazon.com.

The UK Consumer Protection Group has identified a number of websites that provide screening services for products sold on the Amazon Marketplace that are in violation of the Amazon Terms and Conditions.

Sellers can buy fake comment packs for around £ 15, and wholesale prices for 50 reviews start from £ 620 to £ 1,000 up to £ 8,000.

The team also recommended that five of the companies found had more than 702,000 product SKUs in their accounts.

Product reviewers can take advantage of small payments ranging from a few pounds to more than 10 pounds, including free or discounted products.

From kids' toys to fitness equipment, they can even join membership programs and earn quality products.

These sites offer advice on writing reviews so that you don't arouse suspicion on Amazon. In some cases, reviewers' eligibility criteria also exist.

Natalie Hitchens, family product and service industry manager, has urged the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) to consider selling fake ratings quickly.

"The regulators must take strict action against the actors. If they cannot guarantee the safety of users, they are responsible for the site," she said.

She added that the government urgently needs to step up consumer protection online if these sites cannot.

A previous survey of consumer groups found that sellers in dozens of Facebook groups offer commissions in exchange for fake reviews.

This prompted Facebook and eBay to sign agreements with the capital markets regulator to better identify, investigate and respond to false and misleading reviews.

An Amazon spokesperson said it has worked with other tech companies to report bad players, but added that online retailers cannot do this on their own.

He said clients should be able to trust the comments they see online and that regulators (such as the capital market regulator) should be given greater powers.

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