Apple protects the MacBook from incompatible third-party platforms
Apple protects the MacBook from incompatible third-party platforms

Apple has once again released an update to prevent charging problems from spoiling MacBooks by expanding the macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 release to all eligible MacBooks.

This update attempts to resolve an issue that caused damage to MacBook Pro 2019 and later, 2020, and newer MacBook Air when connecting to third-party USB-C platforms and hubs.

Apple said: The macOS Big Sur 11.2.2 update may prevent some MacBook models from becoming damaged when connected to third-party USB-C platforms and hubs.

The severity of the problem is not yet known, but 74 out of 221 Reddit participants said their MacBook Air or MacBook Pro failed after using the platform and hub.

As with all surveys, it is best to handle the results with caution. However, there is evidence that some people encounter issues, most of which seem to be due to their use of third-party platforms.

Although some of these platforms appear to be from unknown brands, there are some well-known brands that have allegedly undermined laptops.

Apple described them as incompatible Power USB-C platforms and hubs in the new update instructions.

Apple seems to have encountered some power issues recently. The latest macOS Big Sur 11.2.1 released which can fix some issues like H. If the battery is 0% empty, some users won't. Be able to charge the computer.

Apple has also released a plan to replace other MacBook Pro batteries that are no more than 1% of the price and a schedule to replace smartwatch batteries for the very small number of users that cannot charge after the update.

If you are connecting your MacBook to a platform or publisher, your best bet is to download this update as soon as possible, especially if you have one of these affected models.

You can now access the Software Update menu in the System Preferences app to update your MacBook to the latest macOS Big Sur.

The update applies to all macOS Big Sur users and is not limited to affected devices.

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