Elon Musk: Bitcoin is widely accepted
Elon Musk: Bitcoin is widely accepted

Billionaire (Elon Musk) Elon Musk said Monday that while speaking on the club's social media app, Bitcoin will show its support for the cryptocurrency and attract thousands of listeners.

Last Friday, he used the hashtag #bitcoin on his Twitter account, increasing the cryptocurrency by 14%.

Tesla Musk CEO is known for his Twitter comments promoting the development of the market, and he proved this when the Clubhouse app was invited to debut.

He said, "I am a bitcoin supporter, and the adoption is a bit slow. I think Bitcoin is widely recognized by well-known financial professionals." He added that he should have bought the token eight years ago.

The price of recent Bitcoin transactions increased 3.7% to $ 34,390 after rising by more than 300% in 2020.

In the extensive chat, topics such as "the mask of Mars" and his company, as well as vaccines, were discussed.

He also interviewed Vladimir Tenev, co-founder of Robinhood (Vladimir Tenev), an online brokerage app that has been criticized for preventing retail investors from purchasing GameStop shares.

After retail investors gathered to buy shares in US video game retailers, GameStop's stock price rose nearly 400%, allowing hedge funds to offset their losing bets.

“Market rumors indicate Citadel Securities, a subsidiary of billionaire hedge fund manager Ken Griffin, is pressing the Robin Hood to ban individual investors,” Tenef said.

Tenif said it was just a mistake, adding that Robin Hood halted operations to meet regulatory capital requirements.

Last week, Mask posted the pseudonym Gametonk on Twitter, and many in the market interpreted it as an apparent support for small investors.

Gametonk's incorrect word is a combination of GameStop and the term "smelly," which is often used for stocks on social media.

Musk also talked about a coronavirus vaccine. He said: He hopes that the vaccine will be distributed in large quantities soon, adding that the authorities should focus on delivering the first dose of the vaccine as soon as possible and worry about the second dose. Future vaccines to speed up production. to the top.

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