AutoX launches automated taxis in China
AutoX launches automated taxis in China

After extensive testing with AutoX, it is now possible to ride in self-driving taxis without a driver in China. AutoX is the first company in China to offer public travel in safe driverless self-driving vehicles.

And you need to sign up for a pilot program in Shenzhen and use membership points, then you can travel around the city in modified Chrysler Pacifica without seeing other people.

Cars can be called using a universal app that can be used to display human-driven taxis and driverless taxis. The flight is monitored by the remote operations center in Shenzhen.

Like Waymo One, this helps you when you need it. If you have any questions or need help, you can contact a customer service representative.

Shenzhen is the fifth largest city in China with over 12 million inhabitants. AutoX has released a new English-language video announcing the opening of automated taxi services to the public in China.

After months of stress tests, AutoX, which is funded by Alibaba Group, aims to improve the ability of self-driving taxis to handle real-world environments.

The video shows the Chrysler Pacifica turning left, turning around parked vehicles, overtaking a two-lane road, and stopping for pedestrians and cyclists.

These vehicles use a combination of LiDAR, radar, and blind spot detection to determine their surroundings. This gives them a Level 4 range and no driver in the front row.

Fully automated driverless taxis are still very rare around the world and need to be combined with improved technology and updated regulations before they become relatively commonplace.

The video shows designated driverless taxi and landfill areas in Shenzhen as China adapts human cities to encourage driving with computer vision technology.

AutoX has asked to test its technology on California roads, and the United States and Europe need to work together on autonomous vehicles to fuel orderly growth or risk ceding the future to China.

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