Facebook is negotiating a ban with Australia
Facebook is negotiating a ban with Australia

According to Reuters, Facebook has not completely ended its friendship with Australia. The social network is in negotiations with Australian authorities after a few days of preventing users from sharing news links in that country.

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison announced at a press conference that the company has once again established a temporary friendship with Australia and is back at the negotiating table.

Australian Treasury Minister Josh Frydenberg (Josh Freidenberg) said the company is expected to hold further talks with Australian authorities over the weekend. He said: Talk to company president Mark Zuckerberg (Mark Zuckerberg).

The social network banned publishers and Australian residents from posting or sharing news content a few days ago in response to a proposed law in the country requiring the law to pay media outlets for their content.

However, this inadvertently prevents publication on the pages of various government agencies and non-profit organizations.

In addition, Facebook's sudden decision to prevent Australians from disclosing information on the site wiped out the accounts of several state governments and emergency services and sparked widespread outrage.

Facebook has not publicly spoken out against the proposed legislative changes requiring social media platforms to pay for links to news content.

Since last year, the bill has been in dispute between the Australian government and tech giants like Facebook and Google.

Australia initially wanted to make voluntary payments to the media, but after the Coronavirus affected media advertising revenue, the proposed law was amended to make payments compulsory.

Google abandoned its plan to spread some news in the country. He previously said that if the proposal is implemented it would disable the search, but Google recently signed a three-year paycheck contract.

Australian law is widely monitored abroad and Canadian Minister for Cultural Heritage Stephen Gilbault has stated that Australia will follow Australian practices in the coming months while Australia establishes its own laws.

Facebook's move directly affects the number of visits to Australian websites: Since the date of the ban, the total number of Australian news sites viewed by various platforms across the country has decreased by about 13%.

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