iRig Pre 2 .. A wireless audio interface for content creators
iRig Pre 2 .. A wireless audio interface for content creators

IK Multimedia, a manufacturer of affordable audio and video production equipment, has launched the new iRig Pre 2 wireless audio interface.

iRig Pre 2 is a pocket-sized and portable amplifier that allows users to easily record on the go with a compatible XLR microphone with phantom power.

In professional audio equipment, phantom power is direct current that is directed through the microphone cable to supply power to the microphone with an active electronic circuit.

The new Wireless Audio Interface is ideal for mobile content creators and is now receiving orders of $ 50.

This interface allows podcast organizers, musicians, and videographers to use phantom power XLR microphones for recording, broadcasting, or playback.

XLR microphones generally provide better sound quality than USB microphones. However, in most cases, some kind of audio interface with a dummy card is required to provide power to the microphone.

It can be challenging to have a laptop and larger user interface with you to get this done on the go. This is the problem that IK Multimedia's new Wireless Audio Interface seeks to solve.

The iRig Pre 2 has a built-in XLR connection for compatible condenser microphones and 48V phantom power. Some competitors only offer 32V, which, according to IK Multimedia, slightly reduces the overall sound quality of the microphone.

There is also a phone jack and a 3.5mm headphone jack for direct connection to mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and DSLR cameras.

IRig Pre 2 uses two AA batteries to provide 48V phantom power that can be used continuously for approximately 7 hours. If you use a dynamic microphone, you can turn off the phantom power and get around 20 hours of battery life.

An automatic interface switching circuit enables automatic adjustment of the audio input level for most digital cameras.

IRig Pre 2 comes with Velcro so you can attach it to a camera or microphone stand, free audio and video recording apps, and VocaLive for live performances and multi-track recording.

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