Google wants to test fire drones
Google wants to test fire drones

According to recent exemption documents filed with the Federal Aviation Administration and the US Department of Transportation, Google's Climate and Energy Research Group is trying to test and monitor drones for fire protection.

The document contains requirements for the search giants to exit the specific requirements of the Federal Aviation Regulations.

Google's Climate and Energy Research Group plans to test HSE-UAV M8A Pro, an unmanned agricultural spray aircraft.

The published document contains the location of the aircraft to be tested, the type of drone used and the exact function of the drone.

Google Climate and Energy Research Group is requesting assistance in operating HSE-UAV M8A Pro UAV that weighs more than 25 kg and does not exceed 45 kg. First person to test firefighting and surveillance measures on confined private property in Firebo, CA.

Google is testing the HSE M8A Pro UAV, a 20-liter drone that can spray plants instead of starting fires.

The fully autonomous aircraft uses a carbon fiber frame and has six nozzles that extend into the arms that extend out either side of the drone.

Since the nozzle is designed to spray a fine mist onto the crop, it can be replaced with something more suitable for putting out fires, which could also mean installing a larger water tank for the drone.

It's not clear why Google has tested drones in this way, but the theory is: Google's headquarters are large and there's a lot to burn.

The best way to put out the fire appears to be using an unmanned aerial vehicle that can react faster than a regular fire brigade.

Drones can also be found throughout the headquarters, which in fact form a network of firefighting aircraft throughout the headquarters.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Google has searched for the use of drones because it previously owned the Google X project, now called Wing Aviation.

Wing Aviation was founded in 2012 and is called Google Wing. Wing Aviation began to solve this problem by sending pacemakers to heart attack victims.

The Wing Aviation team soon realized that the drone delivery technology needed improvement and recognized worldwide.

Wing Aviation provides services to Australia and Finland. Weather conditions in these two countries are completely different, making these two locations ideal for testing for drone deliveries.

Wing Aviation has a testing facility in Northern California and operates in Virginia. In Australia, I have worked with local people for several years to develop a practical and efficient method of package delivery.

Wing Aviation decided to take the test in Canberra and moved to Helsinki this spring. Wing Aviation provided an ideal test site for delivering drones in extreme cold.

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