Hyundai Motor launches IONIQ 5 Interior
Hyundai Motor launches IONIQ 5 Interior

Hyundai Motor Company is preparing to launch its new IONIQ 5 electric vehicle, which showcases a spacious and versatile interior before its debut.

The South Korean automaker announced last year that the Ioniq will be a completely new electric car and has confirmed that it will launch three new electric cars within the next three years.

The IONIQ brand should not be confused with the current Hyundai Ioniq, which offers three different engine groups, including an all-electric motor.

Hyundai Motor Company said: The new brand IONIQ includes the next generation of all-electric vehicles, which represents their efforts to become one of the best electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.

The automaker has confirmed that the IONIQ brand will begin launching a midsize IONIQ 5 car in early 2021. The company has previously talked about the vehicle and announced, for example, that it can be charged in both directions.

Last month, the South Korean company released several new images of IONIQ 5 that revealed several of its exterior designs.

Hyundai is now releasing new photos that show the interior of the IONIQ 5 electric vehicle, which will be released next week.

Hyundai Motor claims to use environmentally friendly materials and textiles such as eco-friendly leather that has been dyed and dyed for use in the seats and treated with linseed oil extract.

Other upholstery fabrics throughout the cabin are durable fiber textiles and woven fiber materials made from recycled plastic bottles.

These surfaces (such as the dashboard, buttons, steering wheel, and door panels) are coated with an organic paint made from rapeseed and corn oil.

The interior design reflects consumers' increasing interest in personal transportation, supporting the demand for luxury and more sustainable products.

The E-GMP platform houses a dead battery that allows Hyundai Motor to provide a spacious and customizable interior space.

The company said the E-GMP platform could achieve a longer wheelbase and leave more space in the car.

Hyundai has also developed a system that allows the center console and front seats to move together to create more space.

The driver and passengers in the IONIQ 5 can get in and out of the cabin from both sides in an extremely narrow space, as the center console can slide back and forth on the flat floor.

This essentially reworkes the traditional center console and provides more functionality than static storage boxes.

The company has redesigned the center console as a moveable island. The newly developed Universal Studios has replaced the center console and became the cornerstone of the IONIQ 5 satellite experience.

The driver and passenger seats are equipped with footrests so that passengers can relax while the vehicle is loaded.

All seats can be moved and repositioned, making it easy for the adults in the front row to care for the children and pets in the back row.

Hyundai plans to lift the veil in IONIQ 5 during a hypothetical event on February 23.

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