After a successful launch SpaceX was unable to land
After a successful launch SpaceX was unable to land

SpaceX successfully launched 60 internet satellites today, bringing the total number of Project Starlink satellites to 1,145, close to its original target of 1,440.

However, in rare cases, the Falcon 9 rocket engine has not landed on the floating platform of the “Of Course I Still Love You” path, as it may have fallen into the ocean.

"It's a shame we don't have this booster," said SpaceX Manufacturing Engineer Jessica Anderson (Jessica Anderson). However, the second stage is not yet complete.

SpaceX tends to acquire the Falcon 9 rocket sight for reuse, but the company has also said time and time again: Sending flight payloads into orbit is always a top priority.

SpaceX has yet to say what happened to the booster named B1059, but there appears to be a problem with the end of the drip burn.

The engine flew two tank missions to the International Space Station, launched American spy satellites and Argentine Earth observation satellites, and supported another Starlink mission.

Although the B1059 has not returned after the sixth mission, the company is preparing to launch 60 new satellites early Wednesday.

Elon Musk said: There must be 500 to 800 satellites in orbit before Internet service launches.

Although the original target was around 1,440 satellites, SpaceX eventually plans to launch a total of 12,000 satellites.

Starlink Internet public beta testing began in late 2020 and has been targeting people in the US, Canada, and the UK. More than 10,000 customers used the service in three months.

Starlink has also begun accepting a $ 99 service deposit and recently announced to the Australian government that it will be able to cover major continents by early 2021 and overseas territories by 2022.

The company launched a massive constellation of stars, more than any other constellation currently in orbit. Its general goal is to connect the world.

Initial reports from employees show that the service is running and can broadcast multiple HD programs at the same time.

Soon after, SpaceX urged users to start testing their services and keep launching more and more satellites.

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