IBM is making quantum computers more practical
IBM is making quantum computers more practical

Although quantum computers have improved, in some cases they are a far cry from breaking the limitations of traditional computers, but perhaps IBM makes them more suitable.

The tech giant has found a way to combine Qiskit's new runtime software execution environment with classical computing and quantum computing to accelerate circuit-dependent tasks 100 times faster.

IBM said it took several months to pass only a few hours.

Qiskit Runtime itself can run more circuits faster and save quantitative programs for other users to run.

However, software is also downloaded through the traditional hardware located next to the quantum computer.

This initiative aims to reduce the response time between a user's computer and the quantum chip. IBM Qiskit Runtime is expected to release in 2021.

The roadmap also includes quantum systems that will deal with more circuits by 2022, solving a wider range of computational problems.

The new control and library system in 2023 will help IBM achieve its goal of an operating system with 1,000 qubits or more, and bring the company one step closer to the full quantitative advantage the technology can handle in any computing task.

The company soon realized that there was still a long way to go to compare current quantum technology to an older computer - that is, it required a lot of manual programming and took a long time to complete the normal work today.

Ideally, it will result in Qiskit and the day-upgraded devices that any quantum computer can use, even if it is on a remote central machine.

For example, a LiH simulation can take up to 100 days to perform the simulation accurately. However, when acceleration reaches 100 times, LiH simulation can be performed in one day.

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