Amazon sticks to developing games despite the problems
Amazon sticks to developing games despite the problems

Andy Gacy, the new CEO of Amazon, has said he has been involved in the Amazon game development effort in response to a high-profile Bloomberg report on the problems the team faced last week.

"Some companies are successful in the first year, others take many years," Gacy wrote in an email to those consulted by Bloomberg.

He added: While we haven't had sustained success with AGS Games, I think if we keep working on it we can.

Gacy continued, "Of course there is less pressure to succeed immediately, but it takes longer and often is better. I think if we keep focusing on more important things, this team will get there."

The news came at a critical time for Amazon Game Studio AGS, the video game development arm of e-commerce giant Amazon.

The decision to create the division reportedly came directly from outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos), who announced yesterday that he will step down from his position later that year and be replaced by current AWS Service Manager (Andy Gacy).

With the company continuing to spend close to $ 500 million annually on the unsuccessful video game division, getting the support of the next CEO is important.

A previous Bloomberg report indicated that AGS faces a number of problems, including studio managers' lack of experience with video games and the slow development of internal game engines.

Studio director Mike Frazini has reportedly emailed the team saying that there is absolutely no tolerance for anything other than a completely fair and inclusive environment.

Gacy expressed his support for Frazini in an email this week. Despite Gacy's support, AGS still faces challenges.

AGS might be endorsed by Amazon's next CEO, but there's still a long way to go to gain player support.

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