Neuralink stimulates the monkey's brain to play video games
Neuralink stimulates the monkey's brain to play video games

Elon Musk, director of electric car maker Tesla, said the company he founded, Neuralink, inspired a monkey to use its brain to play video games.

Musk explained that Neuralink places a computer chip on the monkey's skull and connects it to the brain with a thin wire.

In a conversation at the club, he said you don't even know where the nerve implants are. Clubhouse is a new social media app that allows people to have informal audio conversations while others can listen.

Neuralink is trying to see if they can use their chips to attract monkeys to play with.

Headquartered in San Francisco, Neuralink has more than 100 teams trying to develop an operational interface between the computer and the brain.

The company aims to increase the speed at which information flows from the human brain into devices and is currently developing brain implants to help paralyzed people gain control of mind control devices.

Musk added that technology could also enable people to communicate through ideas or memorizing brain states. When they die, it is loaded onto another object and describes the device as a Fitbit's skull device. Fine lines can touch your mind. .

Musk invites anyone using advanced mobile devices, phones, or robots to apply to Neuralink.

So far, the company's testing has been limited to pigs and primates, but that hasn't stopped Musk from speculating about the human potential. When both people have neurolink, he said, you can do conceptual telepathy. And you can use telepathy to transfer it directly to others.

He added: It can greatly improve the quality and speed of the connection, there are other things that you can do, maybe you can save your mind state. So when you die, your brain can move to another human body or robot body.

The billionaire stated that Neuralink has successfully tested implants, removals and replantations and that the company may soon release a new video to show its progress.

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