Nike's Go FlyEase is hands-free
Nike's Go FlyEase is hands-free

Nike has announced the new Go Flyease, a hands-free wearable shoe that is Nike's first easy-to-put-on and slip-on hands-free shoe.

While people try to reduce contact with items during a pandemic and switch to comfortable shoes (like Crocs) that require wearing and taking them off with minimal effort, these shoes are intact.

Go Flyease has some unique features, including securing your shoes with tension straps instead of shoelaces. To adjust, insert the shoe into the shoe until the tension tape snaps into place. Then the shoe is removed by pressing the heel.

This pair of sneakers will go on sale on February 15th and will be available for purchase by subscribers through the free membership program on the Nike website for $ 120. It is expected to be available later this year.

The new Nike sneakers and everyday shoes come at a time when consumers are craving the comfort of the home.

Crocs' recent earnings show that the company's sales grew 55% and the company expects 2020 to be the biggest sales year ever.

The launch of the new shoes on its website aligns with Nike's strategy to sell directly to consumers rather than through third parties.

The company announced in December that its online sales increased 84% in the last quarter from purchases of sneakers and casual shoes.

The main innovation here is the so-called mitral valve seal, with which the shoe can move between two positions:

    Vertical position: the sole of the shoe is about 30 degrees so that you can easily slide your foot into it.
    Wrinkles: When walking or running, the outer layer comfortably surrounds the inner layer.

Nike designs these shoes with accessibility in mind. This means they are a handy option for those who may find it difficult to bend over their feet or tie their shoelaces.

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