Nissan has not negotiated electric vehicles with Apple
Nissan has not negotiated electric vehicles with Apple

Nissan said on Monday that it had not negotiated with Apple. IPhone makers have previously been reported to have contacted Japanese companies in recent months to collaborate on their covert self-driving car projects.

The British "Financial Times" said the announcement was very short. After the electric vehicle brand fell out with the iPhone maker, the discussion did not move in a higher direction.

Nissan is no longer an Apple branded car complex. The latter's interest in entering the auto industry dates back to 2014 and negotiations are no longer active.

A Nissan spokesperson said: We have not had a dialogue with Apple, but Nissan remains open to partnerships and partnerships to accelerate the transformation of the industry.

Due to the South Korean automaker's fears of becoming a self-sufficient car maker, the first negotiations between Apple and Hyundai over new self-driving cars have also failed.

This underscores the challenge of finding an automobile partner for the "Project Titan" auto project.

Reuters reported in December 2020 that Apple was promoting the development of self-driving car technology. The goal is to produce cars with their battery technology early in 2024.

According to analysts: Nissan, which is allied with Renault and Mitsubishi, may be suitable for Apple. The Japanese company is considered a pioneer in the field of electric cars and launched Leaf in 2010.

It is common in the automotive industry to outsource production of specific models through manufacturing transactions.

However, no industry has a large subcontractor serving the consumer electronics industry like Foxconn in Taiwan.

Geely has announced a number of relationships this year, including the relationship with Foxconn and the relationship with Chinese internet giant Baidu as the company seeks to position itself as a contract manufacturer of electric cars in China.

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