Apple's electric car doesn't scare your Volkswagen
Apple's electric car doesn't scare your Volkswagen

Volkswagen Group Chairman Herbert Des (Herbert Des) said Volkswagen does not have to worry if the iPhone maker continues to develop Apple's electric car.

In an interview with Frankfurter Allgemeine Sonntagszeitung, Dys said: Volkswagen is not afraid of Apple cars.

He stated that the auto industry is not a technology field that can be controlled or controlled overnight, regardless of what Apple brings to the table.

"It makes sense to leave Apple because it's good with batteries, design and software," said Deiss.

There are rumors that Apple has expanded the design of batteries and could be safer and improve morals by eliminating the use of cobalt, which is sometimes used in child labor.

LiDAR and other technologies provide autonomous driving capabilities.

Apple faces many hurdles in the auto industry, because in addition to the challenge of building micro-electric, self-sufficient cars, Apple must also coordinate with its partners if Apple does not want to manufacture the cars or parts itself.

Hyundai Motor Company recently announced that it will no longer negotiate teamwork with Apple for Apple electric cars.

Reuters reported in December 2020 that with the help of lowering the cost of battery technology, Apple may have made enough progress to produce cars for large markets by 2024.

The stated goal of 2024 remains a long way off, and any breakthrough technology may not be a big deal now.

At the same time, the audience may not want to fully relax. Palm CEO Ed Colligan's remarks should be remembered in 2006 when he said: Apple will not go into the smartphone business.

What happened next showed that Apple was so successful in the smartphone business that Palm couldn't compete, and it was acquired by HP in 2010.

In the product category, Apple has a long tradition in the competitive landscape.

While Volkswagen's position in electric cars is higher than the Palm's in cell phones, you might not want your position to be irreplaceable.

Volkswagen plans to develop in-house driverless car programs in order to ensure competitiveness compared to technology companies in the data area of ​​electric cars.

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