2021 DSmart V100S Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch
2021 DSmart V100S Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch

DSmart 2021 Smartwatch Fitness Activity Tracker Edition with Body Temperature, Heart Rate, Sleep Health Monitor, Pedometer and Calorie Counter for Women, Men, Teens, Boys and Girls (Blue)

 Why should you choose the DSMART V100S fitness tracker?

  •     Larger 1.14 inch color IPS screen provides better viewing experience with HD resolution.
  •     The latest Bluetooth 5.0 technology provides more stable connectivity and longer battery life.
  •     Thanks to its IP68 waterproof performance, you can wear it while swimming or showering.
  •     Track daily activities like steps, calories burned, walking distance, etc.
  •     Professional fitness tracker: 6 fitness modes that can be used to track fitness, movement and heart rate function.
  •     Smart Heart Rate Monitor: It provides 3 different methods of heart rate monitoring and allows you to fully understand the health of your heart.
  •     Human body temperature monitor: The innovative infrared sensor function of the wrist, automatically monitoring the temperature throughout the day, make you aware of the difference.

 Easy to use application

It can help you pair your watch with your smart phone and all the success data will be synced and saved on the watch.

Sleep monitor

Automatically record the time of deep sleep and light sleep.

It can help you understand and improve sleep quality.

Stable memory

Set the reminder function to a seated position. The V19 vibrates regularly to remind you and make you more energetic.

You can set alarms in the app. There is also a stopwatch and a timer.

Easy to download

Carefully remove the wrist strap and connect the blue USB port to the USB port on your computer, laptop or other device.

With this unique design, you can charge anytime, anywhere on the go or in the office.

 Professional fitness and activity tracker

  •     The V100S can automatically and accurately calculate your steps, calories burned and distance traveled daily
  •     It contains 6 professional sports modes that can be used for running, cycling, etc. Indoors or outdoors as well as monitoring your heart rate and maximum exercise volume. BPM reminders can help you achieve your fitness goals and exercise more efficiently and safely.
  •     It can be connected to the mobile phone's GPS device for mapping via the supportive applications.
  •     Sedentoray is a reminder to note yourself regularly and stay active every day.
2021 DSmart V100S Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch
2021 DSmart V100S Fitness Activity Tracker Smartwatch

  •  ◆ Easier to use & smarter fitness tracker - use larger 1.14 inch IPS screen for true HD experience; IP68 waterproof so you can wear it while swimming or showering; With the help of Bluetooth 5.0 power saving technology, the V100S can extend its battery life. (7-21 days depending on usage.); You can move the touch button left and right to switch between different functions. This is comfortable and easy to use. V100S brings you a whole new experience of smart fitness watch.
  • ◆ Innovative Wrist Temperature Monitor] - Detected by the infrared wrist sensor, the V100S can accurately measure your skin temperature. Monitor the temperature automatically throughout the day and connect to the Booster app to be informed of temperature trends and changes. After activating the "temperature compensation" in the Wofit app, your body temperature can be calculated.
  • ◆ 🧡 Three-Way Smart Heart Rate Monitor] - Equipped with advanced PPG sensors, the V100S can test BPM per second and offer three different heart rate monitoring methods: 1. Real-time watch detection; 2. Continuous monitoring of human resources. Get some exercise. 3. Automatically track your heart rate 24/7. The data is stored in the auxiliary app so you can fully understand your heart rate.
  • ◆ 🏆 [24/7 Activity Tracker + 6 Training Modes - The V100S can automatically and precisely count your steps, calories burned and daily distance, provides 6 professional training modes including running, cycling, etc. in addition to monitoring your heart rate and max. BPM Reminders help you achieve your fitness and training goals more efficiently and safely.

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