Maxte Smart Watch with Body Temperature Thermometer
Maxte Smart Watch with Body Temperature Thermometer

Maxte fitness tracker, smart watch thermometer with clinical thermometer, heart rate monitor, blood pressure and oximeter, plus sleep monitor and pedometer, suitable for children, men and women

  •  [Multifunctional Smart Watch] The fitness tracker has many functions such as body temperature, blood oxygen, blood pressure and heart rate monitors. Multiple training modes, sleep monitoring, calorie counter, immune monitoring, pedometer, smart alarm clock, phone message reminder, etc.
  • [The real-time fitness tracker for monitoring body temperature has a built-in temperature sensor with which it can measure the body temperature over a 24-hour period. You can also view the data in the "WearFit2.0" app and pay special attention to your health.
  • Real-time Health Monitoring] Built-in high-precision optical sensors, 24/7 oxygen supply, real-time heart rate and blood pressure monitoring to better understand your health. You can also measure BP and HR SpO2 through the mobile app and view the detailed data for you.
  • [Smart reminder function] After connecting the smart watch with your cell phone, phone, text message and Facebook, the WhatsApp message on Twitter will remind you through the glowing light screen, and you can also set the alarm by drinking water reminder reminder, so don't do that all the important information is overlooked.
  • [Convenient charging and compatibility The built-in USB port enables wireless charging. Connect the metal end of the smart watch to the USB charger to charge it. Download the "WearFit2.0" app and connect the smartwatch via Bluetooth (iOS 8.4 or higher, Android 4.4 or higher). If the tape is damaged or there are other problems, please contact us, we will solve the problem for you as soon as possible.

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