AUTOWOEL D330 FHD Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS
AUTOWOEL D330 FHD Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS

Built-in AUTOWOEL GPS WiFi Driving Recorder, Front and Back 1080P FHD Camera with 3 Inch IPS Screen, Dual 310 Degree Driving Recorder, WDR, HDR, Night Vision, Reverse Mode, G-sensor, Parking Screen, Replay

Full HD 1080P

Full HD 1080P makes it clearer than conventional 1080P front cameras. The combination of 1080p and 720p front cameras provides clear screen resolution. The revolutionary, ultra-precise design is never overlooked.

Super night vision

The large aperture and 6 glass lenses can collect more light even in poor lighting conditions without additional light sources, so that clear and accurate color images can be obtained. In the evening you can clearly read license plates and other important information.

WDR technology

WDR is a far-focussed optical modulation technology. WDR allows drivers to watch videos naturally without being distracted by videos that are too bright or too dark.

170 ° wide front and rear 140 ° viewing angle

While recording front and back cameras, never miss any recorded video at the same time

Front view 170 degrees and rear view 140 degrees, so you never miss a thing while driving.

You can see front and back camera images on the screen at the same time, including three modes: two large screens front and back, small front and back screens, and two separate front and back screens.

Reverse help system

When you switch to "r", the convenient and safe rear view with parking advice is automatically displayed on the screen. (This function is activated after connecting the red reversing camera cable to the reverse light positive pole.)

The rear view camera is waterproof

The 140 ° waterproof rear view camera features a superb reflection system that allows you to get a clear 1080p image of the rear car scene, park more safely with wide angle and parking line support.

AUTOWOEL D330 FHD Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS
AUTOWOEL D330 FHD Dash Cam Built in WiFi GPS

  •  [Built-in Wifi & GPS] Our tachograph can connect to your mobile phone via WiFi. You can access the videos on iOS or Android devices, play and download these videos, you can also share trips with your friends and family on social networks, and you can easily operate and set the driving recorder in the app, which eliminates the inconvenience without errors operating the button. The built-in GPS system can easily record the route, speed and other information which becomes your important guide.
  • [Front and rear full HD cameras The front and rear cameras with 1080p and 720p resolution provide clear screen resolution and revolutionary UHD design with no missing details. Its dual wide-angle 310-degree lens can capture all pedestrians and vehicles around the vehicle and provides sufficient information on collisions and rear collisions.
  • [Super Night Vision] Our dashboard camera with Sony IMX335 sensor has improved light sensitivity and enables clear recordings in poor light conditions. The combination of a large F1.8 aperture, 6 lens, professional WDR technology and HDR ensure clarity at night. No additional light sources required. The license plate is clearly visible even in poor lighting conditions.
  • [Reverse assist system / 24 hour parking monitor / repeat recording / G-sensor in reverse, the reverse line is displayed in reverse position so that you can return to the garage without damage. The video recorder automatically monitors the surroundings while standing. When the built-in G-sensor detects sudden vibration or collision, the camera will automatically lock the video. The old coil is automatically replaced with the perfect loop register. Recording is repeated automatically.
  • [Lifetime warranty and 24-hour customer service. Our main goal is to satisfy the needs of the consumer. We are willing to offer a lifetime warranty on the product and it can be exchanged for free within one year. It is definitely the strongest guarantee on the market. We provide 7 * 24 hours technical support. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

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