CHORTAU B-T25 Full HD Dual Dash Cam GPS for Cars
CHORTAU B-T25 Full HD Dual Dash Cam GPS for Cars

CHORTAU Full HD 1080P GPS Front and Back Driving Recorder, Dual GPS Driving Recorder with 170 Degree Viewing Angle, 3 Inch LCD Screen, Front and Rear Cameras for Parking Monitor, Loop Recording, Night Vision, G-sensor

Worry-free driving, the most convenient tachograph for vehicles

The CHORTAU B-T25 Dash Car Camera uses a high-resolution sensor and captures all the details through the 170 ° wide-angle lens, capturing the high-quality 1080p lens. The integrated tachograph can ensure effective and reliable monitoring during the whole driving process of the vehicle. With a powerful educational video, the dashboard camera avoids the risk of losing insurance claims and protects you from insurance fraud.

The Chorto Full HD 1080P front and rear GPS camera uses advanced sensors to capture every detail with its 170 ° wide-angle lens and capture high-quality footage in 1080p resolution. Vehicle Driver Recorder can ensure effective and reliable monitoring throughout your journey. This powerful video guide can help you avoid the risks of losing insurance claims and protect yourself from insurance fraud.

Full HD 1080P GPS before and after CHORTAU racing camera function:

Full HD 1080P
CHORTAU vehicle recorder uses the chipset to deliver crisp images and HD video quality with 1080p resolution and 2pixel 720p video.

Perfectly display high-quality videos. The front and rear GPS cameras can also capture clearer license plates and other details day and night.

The 3 '' wide-angle GPS camera and 170 ° instrument panel give you an unruly perspective that can be used for driving and viewing. 4 lanes can be achieved. You will never miss a corner.

GPS function
CHORTAU front and rear cameras come with a car charger, including a GPS that allows you to quickly capture and find videos.

Record a video of the location / speed / route on the map
GPS tachograph records speed, location, date and time in real time. You can track the exact location of the accident on the map (open loudspeaker option / google maps / street map). Computer video player program.

CHORTAU B-T25 Full HD Dual Dash Cam GPS for Cars
CHORTAU B-T25 Full HD Dual Dash Cam GPS for Cars

  •  【Front and rear HD 1080P GPS camera with front and rear HD 1080P GPS camera, you will not worry about rear collisions. The front camera can clearly capture license plates and road signs even at night, making the HD lens a great choice for self-directed travel enthusiasts. Front and rear cameras with wide-angle (170 °) front and rear (130 °) cameras help you eliminate blind spots in your field of vision.
  • 【The GPS driving recorder is equipped with a GPS unit. GPS driving recorder is equipped with GPS module with which you can display your location, route and driving speed in video. You can check vehicle location / speed / route on Google Map / Amap / Open Street Map via built-in video player software. (The installation method for Dash Cam GPS is detailed in the description and user guide.)
  • [Recurring recording and emergency locking The dual GPS system can work with 1080p GPS and circularly record old photos with new content when the map is populated. After the GPS pad camera detects sudden vibration or collision, the variable sensitivity of the G-sensor is sufficient. The dual camera will automatically lock the current video and save it to the SOS file. The CHORTAU tachograph protects you from driving conflicts. CHORTAU GPS tachograph supports microSD card up to 32GB (Card not included).
  • [EASY TO INSTALL AND USE] The GPS systems with front and rear cameras with 1080p resolution have suction cups that can be attached directly to the windshield. More convenient design, easy to repair and disassemble. Do not worry that this will affect your drive vision. The front and rear cameras of the vehicle feature an automatic start and stop function. When you turn on and off the car engine, the front and rear cameras of the switch camera are automatically turned on and off.

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