CASEMATIX 16 inch Marine Electronics FishFinder Case
CASEMATIX 16 inch Marine Electronics FishFinder Case

CASEMATIX 16 "Waterproof Case for Marine Electronics and FishFinder Accessories is compatible with Garmin Striker Humminbird Helix, Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad, etc.

CASEMATIX Travel Bag, 16 inch, waterproof, used in echo probe, ship electronics and accessories, inner foam can be customized

With a CASEMATIX package bag, you can protect it at all times in a durable, waterproof enclosure to protect the echo probe, sensors and other ship accessories. The exterior is made of a sturdy, anti-drip polymer compound and the inside of each case is lined with foam compound that provides excellent shock protection for your electronics. I spent a lot of money on echo devices and marine electronics - invested in a box worth the load. Invest in CASEMATIX.

 Drop protection for fish finds

The hard shell of each case is made of durable composite plastic and a hard polymer that provides maximum impact protection for your sonar and accessories. Of course, you can put the device in a soft bag or a backpack. However, if you want to protect the ship's electronic equipment by 360 °, CASEMATIX Hard Shell is the best choice.

 Shock absorbing, adjustable inner foam

The sponge for our CASEMATIX marine electronics box is thicker than egg carton and contains dense, customizable and pre-cut foam to make compartments easier to create. Simply remove the foamed box to create a custom compartment for your machine.

Waterproof and airtight, with a watertight lock

The hull is equipped with a waterproof round liner that can completely protect your ship's electronic equipment from water, moisture and dust. An integrated pressure relief valve allows air to be deflated when changing the altitude.

It is difficult to open easily

To keep it waterproof and sealed, we use a heavy duty locking system. Just because the latches are durable and durable doesn't mean that they are uncomfortable to open. The latches are also designed to be easy to open. You should be able to easily access the sonar when needed and feel safe as your box will remain closed when you do not need it.

Practical foldable handle

With a document bag-like design and an integrated foldable handle, this travel bag is very convenient on the go. Regardless of whether you travel by boat, car, or just need a secure storage solution to store sonar accessories and ships, CASEMATIX offers you a service.

Retaining ring provides additional protection

Are you afraid to travel with this valuable fish finder and other marine electronic equipment? No problem - this premium case comes with a locking ring molded so you can throw the lock (not included) directly onto the case and travel safely to ensure your electronic devices are not damaged by spy eyes and sticky hands.

CASEMATIX 16 inch Marine Electronics FishFinder Case
CASEMATIX 16 inch Marine Electronics FishFinder Case

  •     The 16 '' sturdy impact resistant housing with customizable foam can be used for GPS fishing points, GPS scanning equipment, boat depths and accessories. External dimensions: 16 x 13.5 x 6.5 in
  •     With an internal customizable foam shock absorber and a pre-cut foam covered interior, you can create custom compartments for your fish finder and depth jack.
  •     🐟 Sealed Waterproof Body - This durable travel case has a sealed waterproof liner that can protect your fish finder or global positioning system (GPS) echo probe from splashing water and moisture.
  •     🐟 WIDE INTERIOR SPACE - The interior of this chassis can be customized to accommodate marine sonar fish detectors, racks, transducers, cables, adapters, etc. Maximum internal size: 14 x 9.5 x 4.5 inches
  •     Fits Most Popular Models - Suitable for Garmin Striker 4, Lowrance, Humminbird Helix 5 Chirp, PiranhaMax, Raymarine Libelle, Simrad GO7, HawkEye, Ricank, etc. Please check the size according to the conditions.

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