TOGUARD CE67 Dual Dash Cam 4K Car Camera
TOGUARD CE67 Dual Dash Cam 4K Car Camera

TOGUARD 4K Dual Drive Recorder Front and Indoor 1080P GPS Dual-lens Driving Recorder with 4G Infrared LED Sensor and Night Vision Recorder, WDR, Parking Screen, Loop Recording, Max Support 256GB

Big angle

The front wide-angle camera with 170 ° aperture can capture the entire front roadway and license plate from the edge of the windshield, while the interior's 150 ° camera can improve the vehicle in extremely low-light environments.

Super infrared night vision

Built-in Sony sensor and 4 infrared LED night vision lights. The driving camera can automatically increase exposure in the dark to take clear video images in the car.

24-hour parking monitor

After you turn off the car and turn off the camera, it remains in standby mode. When the camera detects vibrations, it turns on automatically and records 30 seconds of video. Then it automatically returns to standby mode. The fully charged built-in battery can record about 25 minutes without power and play a total of 50 times.

Rotation of 330 degrees

You can rotate to get the best angle. You can also flip it out and set it to "180 degree interior angle".

Wide range of motion

Equipped with WDR technology, the video quality can be enhanced with more light area and image details in day and night areas.

Screen protection

When "Screen Saver 1" is activated, the screen will turn black when driving according to the group. If "Screensaver 2" is set in the menu, the camera screen will appear as shown in the illustration above while driving. The driving recorder continues recording as usual.

TOGUARD CE67 Dual Dash Cam 4K Car Camera
TOGUARD CE67 Dual Dash Cam 4K Car Camera

  •     [Built-in 4K UHD and 1080P FHD WDR Drive Recorder equipped with CE67 for front and indoor cameras The front and indoor cameras can record high definition 4K UHD at the same time with 1920 x 1080 pixels resolution as vital proof of travel reports or litigation. With a 170 ° wide angle front camera and 150 ° built-in camera, it is the best choice for "road taxi drivers".
  •     [The built-in GPS driving recorder has built-in GPS function that can record the route and driving speed, and it can display the speed on the driving recorder directly. All this data can be viewed in a special GPS reader. Please contact customer service to obtain the driver installation package.
  •     [Equipped with advanced Sony sensors and 4 infrared LEDs, the driver infrared night vision camera can capture clear picture quality and record cabin video during daytime (color) and night (black and white) in low-light environments. The driver can check in more easily and the passengers are inside. The clarity of the image can be guaranteed even at night.
  •     [24 hour standby, playback recording and G-sensor car camera automatically and short video recording after detection of vibration or vibration when standing. This provides 24 hour protection for your vehicle. With the loop recording function, the driving recorder automatically restores the oldest file and overwrites it when the storage space becomes full. The G-sensor is a great feature. If sudden braking or collision causes an accident, the lens will lock and lock.
  •     (Screen saver, 3.2 inch HD IPS screen, maximum support 256GB The drive recorder has more functions like voice recording, screen saver, HD IPS screen (3.2 inch) and 256GB micro SD card (not included)) while driving .

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