SQ4D takes 3D printing to the next level
SQ4D takes 3D printing to the next level

Most of the homes were constructed of concrete, but a test house in Calverton, New York was examined. The walls were made with a gigantic 3D printer while the test house was built by construction company SQ4D to demonstrate to the public and possible industry practices.

The company has now listed its first 3D printed house in Riverhead, USA. On-site printed residential property using ARCS is the first 3D printed home. Zillow real estate sold as a new home for $ 299,000

It has a detached garage of 750 square feet with nearly 1,400 square feet (130 square meters) of living space. The roof, foundations, panels and walls are completely made by 3D printers. SQ4D offers a 50-year limited period. 3D printed structure warranty.

"We are building consistently and requiring the machine to move and follow your floor plan with every lane," said Kirk Anderson, Operations Director at SQ4D.

Andersen and his colleagues have been tasked with designing and building special printers to fulfill their family dreams. We took the idea of ​​a 3D plastic office desktop printer and hope to expand it and lay the foundations, Andersen said.

He added, "We put rails on both sides of the structure to be printed and to create huge bridges." Our big printer was moving back and forth, bleeding those layers layer by layer, piling it up, covering everything on the wall.

Anderson said the actual print time for the walls is around 48 hours, which is part of the entire eight-day process.

He said it was much faster than a house built using standard construction methods and overall 30% cheaper because workers would have to manually remove and stack the bricks.

The company's technology makes it possible to replace the labor-intensive printer with sprayed concrete, which is much faster than the speed with which workers can lay bricks.

This three-bedroom, two-bath house has an open floor plan and is made of concrete. The strength and durability cannot be compared with traditional wooden structures.

Anderson said that not everyone in the construction industry was happy with this prospect and that the operation had elicited various reactions, particularly the suspicions of previous dealers. I think people are completely unprepared to change this type of building.

SQ4D 3D Printing Technology can find a permanent solution to this crisis by drastically reducing the cost of building new homes.

Stephen King (Realty Connect), senior agent for Zillow, said this home is priced at $ 299,999, which is 50% less than the price of a newly built home in Riverhead. This is an important milestone in solving the affordable housing crisis. Region.

The SQ4D listing of the first 3D printed house is forever changing the building industry, making the slogan "Road to Building that Changes the World" a reality. The company is currently reviewing building plans from New York to California.

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