The Apple TV app can be used via Google Chromecast
The Apple TV app can be used via Google Chromecast

The Apple TV app will be available on Google Chromecast from 2020.

In December, it was announced that Apple's media streaming app, which can access native programming via Apple TV Plus, would soon arrive on the Google Chromecast Chromecast with Google TV.

Owners of a $ 50 device can download and use the Apple TV app.

Chromecast featured Apple TV original shows like Ted Lasso, The Morning Show, and For All Mankind, as well as recommendations and search results from Google TV.

Note that you can also use Google TV's global watch list to add Chromecast Original Apple shows and movies.

Some major streaming services (like Netflix) decided not to join their watch lists after a few months of releasing Chromecast with Google TV, as they seem to prefer keeping this feature in the app.

And as reported in November, Chromecast with the Google TV mobile app no ​​longer even includes Netflix recommendations.

The Apple TV app can also be integrated into the Google Assistant via Chromecast and Google TV, and you can watch any Apple program using voice commands.

In addition to being the home page of Apple's original shows, the app also facilitates streaming Apple movies, TV shows, rentals, and shopping.

As with other platforms, all other channel subscriptions on Apple TV can be accessed in the app via Chromecast with Google TV.

Jonathan Zeb (Jonathan Zeb), Google Media and Entertainment Manager, said: In addition to using Chromecast with Google TV, it is also possible to get Apple TV apps from Sony on Google TV and TCL devices.

The move comes as Apple increasingly agrees to allow devices outside of its ecosystem to access its services. Chromecast users have been given access to its popular original products.

Apple launched its TV app in 2019 on Amazon Fire TV and Roku Inc.

Corona's dominance has led traditional pay-TV consumers to increasingly switch to on-demand home entertainment streaming services, leading subscribers to platforms like Netflix, Disney + and HBO Max.

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