The benefits of LastPass for free users are diminished
The benefits of LastPass for free users are diminished

Starting on March 16th, LastPass Password Manager added new restrictions to the free subscription category so that users can only view and manage passwords on one device (mobile phone or computer).

Mobile device users can only use iOS and Android phones, iPads, Android tablets, and smart watches.

Although, PC subscribers can use passwords on Windows desktop and laptop computers, Linux, Macs, LastPass browser add-ons, and Windows tablets.

Free tier users must choose between the two options the first time they log in after March 16th.

Once selected, users can switch between categories up to three times, the company said.

Although customers can only use one device class at the free tier, they can still view and manage passwords for an unlimited number of devices in the same device class.

LastPass developers said the changes will not prevent any user from accessing their account or losing access to passwords.

In addition to restricting the types of devices, the company has also changed the types of free customer support plans that users can access.

The company announced that, as of May 17, users of the free plan will no longer be able to receive email support.

The company is clearly hoping the new restrictions will be enough to encourage people to rise to the top or family level.

Premium starting price is $ 3 per month and Family Membership is $ 4, including licenses for up to six people.

The company said in a blog post attached to the new news: While it is not known how many users are using the service's free plan, it has more than 20 million users around the world.

Compared to many other password managers, LastPass's free plan has always been very generous, and the password manager requires access to basic functions. However, these upcoming changes can make this difficult. Use the free plan in the future.

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