Twitter announces Super Follows to charge tweets
Twitter announces Super Follows to charge tweets

Twitter announced an upcoming payment feature called Super Follows, which will allow platform users to bill subscribers and give them access to other content.

Other content could be other Tweets addressing community groups, subscribing to newsletters, or badges showing your support.

In a typical screenshot, Twitter shows an example of Super Follow where users charge a bunch of permissions at $ 4.99 per month.

Twitter sees this job as an opportunity for developers and publishers to make money directly from their fans.

In the past few years in particular, direct payment tools have become more and more important to content creators.

Patreon has been a hit, and other platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and even GitHub have also introduced direct payment features to creators.

For example, let's say Twitter is imitating this because the company hinted that the subscription feature provided a new source of income, although the billing standard was not apparently mentioned.

Twitter has also announced a new feature called "Community" that appears to mimic Facebook groups to some extent.

Twitter suggests that people can create and join groups with specific interests (like cats or plants) to get more Tweets on these topics.

These groups have been a hit on Facebook and have also become a major censorship problem.

Given the openness of the service, groups can be an especially useful tool on Twitter that can make it difficult for new users to use the platform.

There is currently no timeline for activating these features. Twitter puts you in the "what next?" On his platform when you speak to analysts and investors.

The user's ability to bill subscribers for access to other content, and the ability to create and join groups based on specific interests, are the most fundamental changes that have occurred on Twitter in a while, but also beneficial for those who are already popular on social platforms, welcome and very successful.

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