Twitter plans that you can block abusive accounts automatically
Twitter plans that you can block abusive accounts automatically

The company announced in an Analyst Day speech that Twitter should offer you a way to automatically block and silence your account abuse.

According to the slideshow from the "Analyst Day" slideshow, this functionality appears to be operable in the new "Safe Mode".

Here's Twitter's description of how the feature works once it's enabled: Automatically block offensive accounts that appear to violate Twitter's rules, and block offensive accounts that may use insults, insults, vulgar language, or hate speech.

Depending on the crash, based on the new security settings, Twitter will automatically detect accounts that may appear offensive or spam and restrict those accounts' interaction with your content for 7 days.

Twitter has always been abused on the platform and has released many features over the years to reduce spam such as: for example, hiding replies from users and controlling who can respond to a single tweet.

The company also has automated tools to delete spam, stating in 2019: Before users reported more than 50% of the spam were deleted.

In addition to this feature, the company has also released the first details of its first paid product. This function is called Super Follow. This feature is designed to combine community trends on Discord and Newsletter previews created in audio chats by Substack and Clubhouse. In space and support to creative people by Patreon. Subscription.

After strong action from shareholders last year to sack its CEO (Jack Dorsey), the company took action on its long-awaited product, acquired the company, and attempted to improve terms of use for its network and generate new revenue streams.

There is no doubt that the new revenue stream should be key to Twitter's ambitious plan to double revenue by 2023.

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