With Traeger you can adjust the cooking temperature from your wrist
With Traeger you can adjust the cooking temperature from your wrist

Traeger's smart grill takes technology from real cooking problems.

The feature-rich companion app, which was fixed last year and contains loads of recipes, video tutorials, and custom features, has a wireless networked grill that allows you to monitor meat from a distance.

Traeger Smart Wireless Grill takes full advantage of applications containing meat, seafood, side dishes, etc.

The program also allows you to control and monitor the grill remotely so that you don't have to go out to change the temperature or refresh the condition.

The app is now available on Apple Watch and contains the same basic functions as the mobile version.

Plus, thanks to the app that combines temperature control, timer and alarm, you can freely multitask while grilling slowly, which is easy to see in action.

In terms of functionality, there are no additional ingredients here, but Traeger doesn't diminish the main ones either.

The company might have opted for a simple monitoring app but it has opted for the controls.

Apple Watch allows you to monitor the grill temperature, make adjustments, and set and track the desired indoor temperature.

There is also a heating mode that allows you to lower the temperature to prevent food from draining and not being able to cool down. There is also a premium smoking mode that allows you to smoke pure hardwood smoke in a temperature range from 165 to 225 degrees.

Other features include a Traeger pellet sensor that shows the current liquid level so you know when to fill the container to avoid a fire.

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