Jian's Chinese spy software cloned from the National Security Agency
Jian's Chinese spy software cloned from the National Security Agency

Check Point released a report stating that some of the features of Chinese Jian malware are very similar to some of the NSA hacking tools released online in 2017.

For the first time, Chinese spies used a code developed by the US National Security Agency to aid their hacking activities. This once again shows that the malware developed by the government will be counterproductive.

The company described Jian as a Chinese imitation.

This discovery came at a time when some experts believed that American spies should spend more energy to fix bugs in their programs rather than developing and distributing malware to exploit it.

Lockheed Martin allegedly identified a vulnerability exploited by Jin in 2017: Chinese malware was found in an anonymous third-party network.

"It will periodically evaluate third-party software and technology to identify vulnerabilities," Lockheed said in a statement.

Countries around the world are working to develop malware that infects their competitors' machines by exploiting vulnerabilities in the software they run.

When a spy detects a new vulnerability, he must decide whether to use it silently or to fix the problem to deter competitors and fraudsters.

This dilemma caught public attention from 2016 to 2017 when a shadowy organization called Shadow Brokers released some of the most dangerous NSA codes on the Internet, allowing cybercriminals and competitors to expand their arsenal. A digital hacker tool from the USA.

Microsoft recommended in a 2017 advisory report that the malware is linked to a Chinese organization called Zirconium, which has been accused of targeting organizations and individuals in connection with last year's US elections.

Checkpoint said: The Jian Corporation was founded in 2014, at least two years before Shadow Brokers debuted.

Combined with investigations into similar incidents published in 2019 by Broadcom's network security company Symantec, this shows that the NSA has repeatedly lost control of its malware over the years.

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