With the XR1 AR Smart Viewer you can install a virtual screen on the wall
With the XR1 AR Smart Viewer you can install a virtual screen on the wall

Chipmaker Qualcomm introduced a new modular design for augmented reality glasses using the XR1 AR Smart Viewer, which allows you to connect to a mobile phone or PC via USB-C.

The XR1 Smart Viewer developed by the company is lightweight, sunglasses-like, and has the following functions: hand tracking and spatial awareness.

The first glasses based on this standard design are expected to be available in mid-2021.

XR1 AR Smart Viewer was developed as an accessory for phones and computers and is not a standalone product.

It uses two OLED displays with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels and a refresh rate of 90 Hz, plus a number of cameras to add virtual overlays to the real world.

The bitmap camera supports manual tracking as a control method and can perform virtual window installations on multiple computer screen walls and interact with them using gesture commands.

As with most augmented reality glasses, the 45-degree field of view is relatively limited, as is the case with Microsoft HoloLens 2.

Lenovo has released a product based on the modular design of the XR1 AR Smart Viewer called ThinkReality A3 Glasses, which was unveiled at CES earlier this year.

ThinkReality A3 glasses are expected to hit the market in mid-2021 with a price that is not currently listed after the company's Lenovo A6 sunglasses were launched in 2019.

The XR1 AR Smart Viewer was developed with two chipsets that were optimized for virtual reality glasses and augmented reality glasses. It is designed to use integrated electronic devices to perform some tasks, but transfers other tasks to external computing devices, achieving a lightweight design.

Qualcomm has boosted the development of augmented reality glasses over the past two years. It believes that by deploying high-speed mixed reality applications, it can boost the emerging 5G market.

So far, augmented reality glasses have been difficult to break into the mainstream, but ThinkReality A3 and any other product based on the XR1 AR Smart Viewer could rival the two big companies.

Last year, Facebook announced that it would introduce augmented reality devices and plans to launch a batch of smart glasses with similar capabilities to augmented reality in 2021.

There are also rumors that Apple will manufacture advanced virtual reality and augmented reality glasses to create an ecosystem for developers.

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