Apple could release iPhone 13 with a capacity of 1 TB
Apple could release iPhone 13 with a capacity of 1 TB

According to a report by analysts at Wedbush, some leaks indicate that Apple's iPhone 13 may include a 1 TB internal storage option on some models, and LiDAR technology is included across the lineup.

According to the same report, the initial supply chain for the upcoming iPhone 13 is currently in the range of 100 million units, up 25% year-over-year.

In terms of specifications, it is certain that some upcoming iPhone models will include 1 TB of internal storage options, which is twice the storage capacity of the current 512GB iPhone 12 series.

If you really want an iPhone with 1 TB internal storage and five smartphones aside (three of which are from Samsung), how much data can you not store using this storage? ?

To see how much data you can store on a 1 TB iPhone 13 (if the rumors are true), the best way to find out is to use the numbers to calculate:

  •     MP3 files are output at 320 Kbps - the highest quality available in this format - 2.4MB files per minute. So when we mention that the average length of a song is three minutes, it means that the size of each song is 7.2 MB, which means that you can store 138,889 songs on your phone, which is approximately 416,667 minutes (or 6,944 hours). Or 289 days) listen to.
  •     4K UHD video consumes around 7GB of playtime per hour, which means you can store around 143 hours of 4K video in your phone. Only 57 films are required per movie, which can last for 2.5 hours.
  •     The average iPhone app size is 34.3MB. This means you can install up to 29,070 apps on your phone.

It should be noted that Apple has not yet confirmed the date of the new iPhone 13 line, which will be launched in the market this year. But as always, there have been leaks and rumors about the specifications and features of these phones.

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