Apple is claiming $ 300 million after patent infringement
Apple is claiming $ 300 million after patent infringement

According to Bloomberg News, Apple has been sentenced to pay PMC $ 308.5 million for violating the DRM patent.

After a five-day trial in Texas, a federal jury found the tech giant had violated PMC's patent.

PMC has sued Apple for violating its patents using the technology, including FairPlay, which distributes encrypted content to the iTunes, App Store and Apple Music apps.

The problem started in 2016 when PMC sued Apple for violating its seven patents. However, it took several years before the case was heard.

Apple appealed to the US Patent Appeals Board and process and successfully defeated the patent in the lawsuit that later determined some of its intellectual property rights claims.

However, PMC appealed to court last year and the appeals court overturned the decision in 2020 and the case is still ongoing.

Apple said it was disappointed with the ruling and would appeal. The position was introduced by a company that neither manufactures nor sells products, stifling innovation and hurting consumers.

According to experts invited by PMC, Apple has total equity of $ 240 million. However, the jury chose to accept the current equity interest rate of $ 308.5 million.

The permanent IP address is usually based on unit sales or service sharing.

In November, YouTube and Google won trials with multiple patents on PMC, and PMC's case against Netflix is ​​pending in New York.

PMC is a non-practicing entity, which means the company only provides patents but does not use patents, and PMC owns dozens of patents that generate revenue through patent litigation.

It is reported that this is not the first problem that Apple may encounter, nor the last that Apple may encounter.

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