Apple offers an independent repair tool in the Arab countries
Apple offers an independent repair tool in the Arab countries

Apple announced that it will soon expand its IRP program to more than 200 countries / territories.

Usually, in order to fix Apple products, you need to go directly to the source; B- An Apple store or a large third-party company.

If your options are limited, the situation may soon change with the new addition of the program.

The company plans to expand its IRP program to nearly every country in which Apple products are sold.

The independent maintenance program includes the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Libya, Morocco, Oman, Palestine and Tunisia.

This means service technicians who live near you can use official Apple parts to quickly repair damaged phones.

The program is currently only available in the United States, Canada, and Europe. According to Apple's announcement, reforming sellers from Australia, Japan and South Korea can join this week, and suppliers from more countries, including China, will join the program in the United States in second place. Mid year. Days this year.

Service technicians must apply to participate, and once approved, they can purchase restricted Apple devices such as batteries, displays, and diagnostic tools.

Although the local repair technician may use official parts to solve the most common problems, he or she must contact Apple or an authorized service provider or they will void the warranty or risk unsupported service.

Repair technicians need to know a lot because joining the program comes with a contract that gives Apple the right to inspect the repair shop and ship the repair shop if a problem is discovered.

For stores that use counterfeit parts with 2% or more of repairs, Apple may charge a fee of $ 1,000 per transaction.

Additionally, Apple generally appears to not support third-party patches unless you can find a way to take advantage of them, and the FAI program is no different.

Apple first launched the program in 2019 and expanded to Europe and Canada last year. The software provides repair providers of all sizes with access to genuine Apple parts, tools, service manuals, and diagnostic software. Provide safe and reliable maintenance products.

All service providers participating in the program are entitled to free Apple training, free spare parts, tools, service manuals, and the same diagnostic information for Apple Authorized Service Providers and Apple stores.

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